WHAT I DO AT Centrifuge MEdia

I oversee all corporate operations and business developments at Centrifuge Media, dedicating a significant portion of my time to client strategy, speaker coaching, and serving as an on-site executive producer. While my primary focus is on the client perspective, I also actively engage in a supportive role with internal teams, collaboratively working to uphold the highest standards of performance.


The Ritz Carlton Hotel Arts, Barcelona, Spain – boasts a great location with breathtaking views and amazing service. The meeting rooms are very conducive to conducting meetings, and the area has plenty to offer nearby when venturing outside the hotel.

LIFE OUTSIDE Centrifuge Media

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hanging out while listening to music, and discovering new places to travel. I love playing golf whenever I can and consider myself a bit of a gym junkie. Working out and exercising are great ways to keep stress in check and continually push myself. I’ve been happily married to my beautiful wife for 23 years, and I also proudly identify as a girl dad. My two daughters are awesome and always make life interesting.