WHAT I DO AT Centrifuge MEdia

I work with our accounts, projects, and creative teams to help assist them in the planning process for our meetings. From the beginning of the planning process, to quoting projects and drawing room diagrams, to working behind the scenes on site, I am able to assist our CMI teams in bringing the meetings to life! 


Hilton Nashville Downtown, Nashville, TN – There is a wide variety of event space and meeting rooms for meetings of all kinds. It is also nice to be in the heart of Nashville with so many different activities surrounding the hotel in such a beautiful area. 

LIFE OUTSIDE Centrifuge Media

Outside of Centrifuge Media I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy discovering new activities and making memories! I am an avid disc golfer and enjoy the occasional video game. I am fan of all things Marvel, East Carolina (GO PIRATES!), & my Pittsburgh Steelers. I also enjoy traveling and am looking forward to visiting different venues & destinations in the future! 

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