The Challenge

Our client needed a way to break up an intense, week-long training conference while still conveying high-value technical information to attendees. Instead of inviting another Health Care Provider onto the general session stage to walk attendees through a complicated series of data, our client wanted to develop an impactful workshop where attendees could interact directly with the information.

The other challenge? The only room available for this workshop was a hotel exhibit space with low ceilings, numerous columns, fire exits, and service pathways. And did we mention the other half of the room was being used throughout the week as the main meal hall for the conference’s 1,000+ attendees?

Experiential Design

We started by developing a vision for the space. Our team had produced a similar workshop the previous year, and this client was eager to adapt it for their own use. The idea for a coffee shop was quickly selected as the perfect way to create an intimate atmosphere in which authentic conversations could take place.