What we love the most about this annual summit is that our client is fully committed to ensuring an exciting and memorable experience year after year. Our creative and production teams are challenged to design and implement new and interesting elements that span the list of our capabilities.  Dynamic innovative design that is also budget-conscious, is at the heart of our approach. Our team focuses on creative cost-savings, space repurposing and an eco-friendly approach to printing.

Production and Creative Services

Enhancing Audience Engagement 

Appealing to a youthful community summit, we continue to integrate engagement tools such as Twitter Boards, ARS and Slido. For this event, we customized an event app that has been utilized for 3 consecutive years and was initially created as a way to reduce the footprint of large printed booklets. Our client was embarking on a green approach to the event,  and this was a solution to that initiative. The mobile app is used to highlight presenters, daily schedules, room locations, hotel map, location attractions and restaurants, staff information, session ratings, thank you letters from the executive team.

Customized Trust Wall Solution

In 2019 our client informed us of an idea that they had to ask an “overarching” question to the attendees, that they would then be given the course of the event to consider and respond. The idea was that the attendees would write their answers on the board and then it would be taken back to the corporate office and circulated to conferences that they attend as a showcase on their commitment to the HIV epidemic and the community. Originally, our client had planned to place these boards on a few small easels. Upon hearing this, we knew right away that this wouldn’t have the wow-factor effect that they were hoping for. After discussing our concerns with our client, we were given the “go-ahead” to design a better solution. Our CMI creative team, as well as our fantastic vendor partners, designed a 7’X15′ self-standing wall that could easily be assembled on-site, taken down, shipped and reassembled as desired.

Our client was thrilled with this solution and agreed that minimal additional upfront investment was well worth the outcome. We were proud to be able to offer a solution to that positively exceed original expectations and helped to reach our client’s objectives.