Virtual Loft

Designing Sets and Spaces You Could Only Imagine Before

There’s a limitless beauty to this virtual world we’ve been forced into. It’s the beauty – literally – of 3D spaces, coming right out of your imagination!

Up until March 2020, our 3D Event Designer, Suzanne Tudman, spent most of her time creating renderings of event spaces that would eventually come to life as a live, in-person event. Stages you could walk on, chairs you could sit in, tables to sit at and everything in between.

This allowed clients to better visualize the grandiose affair and request changes before anything was finalized. It was a fantastic tool until, of course, live events ceased altogether.

Virtual Lobby Boston
Virtual Lobby Set

Now, in the pandemic era, Suzanne’s work has pivoted and taken on a new level of importance to what we do at Centrifuge. We’ve always appreciated her work – but now we’re really thanking our lucky stars to have her on the team!

Fireside Chat Set

Her 3D designs no longer make tangible spaces come to life. Instead, they’re bringing virtual events to life! Remaining in their digital form, these designs are used as virtual event stages and sets or interactive experiences for standalone training opportunities and event-incorporated breakout sessions.

What’s something you could never achieve when limited to a physical space? Or perhaps a place you couldn’t feasibly gather together? Suzanne can make it happen with essentially no limitations!

Virtual Awards Set
Virtual Awards Set

She’s constructed everything from remote mountainside chalets and big city penthouses for panel discussions to glittering gold and silver-toned stages for awards shows. These 3D sets and stages reinforce your messaging and branding, even in the tiniest of details – like a logo’d coffee mug!

Most recently, Suzanne and our Creative Services team did something BIG! They launched a dual-purpose Centrifuge-themed 360 virtual showcase poster hall. The obvious being, it takes you through the many elements of CMI produced virtual events, from pre-comms to post-comms and everything in between. If you want to know more about all the strategic details that we implement to drive home the ‘story’ of your event, check it out.

Secondly, this showcase is a living example of an interactive event breakout session or standalone training and learning environment we offer. We’ll replace our ‘posters’ and their content with yours! We can embed videos, slides, photos, factoids and more into the 360 virtual showcase to elevate your event or training opportunity to the next level in an engaging and aesthetically pleasing way.

6 Panel View Set

Centrifuge isn’t just an AV company, nor an event planner group or marketing house. We’re a Strategic Event Communications Agency, offering a smorgasbord of a la carte services and solutions to make events, and meetings, big and small better for everyone involved.