Embrace and Initiate Change, Commitment to Improvement, Creativity, and Teamwork are the values that encompass Centrifuge Media. Congratulations to this year’s value award winners!


Embrace the opportunity to perform at a high level under uncertain conditions. Comfort in the face of change provides opportunities to improve processes and approaches with clients, vendors, and ourselves.  

Director of Creative Services

Embrace and Initiate Change Award Criteria:

  • Willing to accept and embrace change as part of their daily interactions and activities 
  • Demonstrates the ability to recognize problems as opportunities for positive change 
  • Maintains a positive outlook and strives to see the opportunity in all situations 
  • Displays initiative and requires minimal supervision to complete their work 
  • Accepts responsibility for their actions, admits mistakes and learns from them 
  • Takes pride in their work and holds themselves to a very high standard of performance 
  • Displays persistence to overcome challenges, setbacks, and obstacles 


No department’s work is more valuable or essential than any other department. Employees seek opportunities to elevate their coworkers in a way that benefits the company as a whole. 

Executive Director of Event Operations & Internal Support

Teamwork Award Criteria:

  • Proactively offers assistance and support to co-workers and new team members 
  • Demonstrates personal accountability to co-workers and in fulfilling their role on the team 
  • Willing to go above and beyond to meet client and co-worker needs 
  • Puts the needs of others first and helps people perform as highly as possible 
  • Shares their job knowledge and mentors less experienced team members 
  • Displays a high degree of commitment to helping our team to win 
  • Encourages others to take on and solve new challenges 


A creative mindset is at the heart of everything we do. Employees seek novel ways to streamline operations, present ideas, and exceed client expectations.

Senior Visual Designer

Creativity Award Criteria:

  • Generates new ideas to continually improve the services we offer to our customers 
  • Seeks out and uses new technology to improve the effectiveness of their work 
  • Considers what might be important to each client, anticipates needs, and then acts proactively 
  • Develops and shares innovative ideas that motivate others to solve difficult problems 

Commitment to ImpRovement

Centrifuge Media values continuing education. We seek new experiences and perspectives from a variety of sources and internalize them to create client value. 

Senior Project Manager

Commitment to Improvement Award Criteria:

  • Possesses and demonstrates an understanding of the work instructions, processes, equipment, and materials required to perform the job 
  • Possesses the practical and technical knowledge required of the job 
  • Works independently with little or no direction/follow-up to complete tasks and job assignments 
  • Demonstrates critical thinking skills; pays attention to detail 
  • Produces a significant volume of work, efficiently, in a specified period 
  • Actively looks for ways to improve processes and communicates ideas openly without being asked to do so 
  • Focuses on helping to solve problems, rather than complaining about the difficulty 
  • Proactively seeks opportunities for self-development and continuous improvement 
  • Accepts and uses feedback from managers and co-workers to improve performance 

The Value Award

The Value Award, the highest recognition in our company, symbolizes the embodiment of Embrace and Initiate Change, Commitment to Improvement, Creativity, and Teamwork. It honors individuals who consistently demonstrate these core values.

Account Manager

In addition to showcasing all values at Centrifuge Media, Keegan showcases exceptional performance and a dedication to fostering positive change, continuous improvement, innovative thinking, and collaborative teamwork within our corporate culture.

The Pivot Award

A Pivot Award is designed to acknowledge and celebrate individuals or teams within the organization who have successfully navigated and adapted to significant changes, challenges, or shifts in strategy. This recognition encompasses the ability to pivot effectively, demonstrating agility, resilience, and innovative thinking in response to evolving circumstances.

Operations & Logistics Manager

Will may be behind the scenes with logistics and IT but when things happen, Will is there to save the day and keep everything in motion.

In addition to winning The Pivot Award, in a heartfelt moment during our annual company meeting, Will Sanders announced the naming of the warehouse as the ‘McKisson Warehouse,’ in honor of the memory of Dana McKisson, a dedicated CMI employee.