Turning Point: Celebrating 19 Years

As Centrifuge Media celebrates 19 years of providing solutions for our clients in the Pharma, Biotech, and Life Sciences Industries.

We asked our employees to reflect on the key moments that transformed our company into the agency it is today. Their insights highlight the pivotal turning points and continuous efforts that have shaped Centrifuge Media’s business journey. Read on to discover our employee’s first hand experiences and learn how we strive to consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients. 

agenda management

ADRIENNE BOGNER – Director of Account Services 

“One of the key turning points for Centrifuge Media that I’ve seen throughout my tenure was when we started to own agenda management. Being the keeper of this master document provided us with further insights into the event content. We were able to be more strategic about crafting messages and creating segments to fill the allotted time slots. Additionally, we could advise on ways to keep people engaged with the mix of stage time, workshops, networking, breaks and fun. It also aided logistically as we were able to have more oversight into session overlap, finding ways to leverage existing setups for cost efficiencies, and minimize overtime labor. Lastly, we were able to provide a single point of contact for clients, helping to maintain continual edits, which solved the problem of version control. This shift took Centrifuge Media to the next level of being true consultants.” 

PTZ cameras

Keegan Girouard – Account Manager

“One of the huge turning points for Centrifuge Media was investing in our current inventory of PTZ cameras. These cameras have become extremely beneficial to all meetings, but in particular our advisory boards that we support. PTZ cameras enhance advisory board meetings by providing comprehensive coverage and focusing on speakers, improving interaction and engagement for remote attendees. They offer the ability for a single camera to cover a wide area, capturing different parts of the meeting room while providing high-quality video. This investment has led to the flexibility and range of our offerings we can provide our stakeholders.” 

The Excellence Academy

“I personally think that a big turning point within Centrifuge Media has been the development of the Excellence Academy. The Excellence Academy has helped us as a company set a standard for what the internal tech teams need to know for operating gear. It has expanded our pool of Centrifuge Media staff who can run gear on-site, maintaining a high standard and consistent level of excellence.”

executive teams

MATT REYES – Senior Finance Manager 

“One of our turning points came in the form of expanding our involvement with executive teams. Our experiences through both the clinical & commercial sides of companies have allowed us to advise, shaping the messaging and delivery for our presenters onstage to create lasting impressions from our meetings & events.” 

Immersive events

ASHTON GOURLAY  – Art Director

“The two “Beyond” UCB Launches weren’t just events; they were pivotal moments for Centrifuge Media. The impeccable production, strategic planning, and immersive branded segments created an unforgettable experience. Every detail, from staging and presentation design to 3D animation and venue branding, beautifully showcased Centrifuge Media’s ability to take events to the next level. This success established a new standard for “Experience Excellence” for future events.” 


KRISTEN WOLFE – Communications Specialist 

“One key turning point for Centrifuge Media has been our ongoing Speaker Performance Enhancement and Executive Coaching (SPEEC) program. By coaching clients to deliver captivating presentations and mastering on-stage visual best practices, we’ve bridged the gap between clients and our creative processes. This has been transformative for our designers who work one-on-one with speakers. Overall, SPEEC has significantly enhanced clients’ confidence and preparedness in communicating event messaging.” 


CHRIS DAHNKE – Executive Director, Event Operations & Internal Support 

“Centrifuge has always had a focus on the ancillary creative offerings to augment the meeting production. Over the past 10 years this has grown well beyond signage and presentation assistance. We now offer many solutions including theme development and design, presentation design, and concepts and design of experiential spaces. This has set us apart from others as we partner with our clients to plan the attendee experience before, during, and after the event.”  

advancement of LED wall technology

BRANDON GOLDTHWAITESenior Technical Director

“The advancement of LED wall technology has marked a significant turning point in AV production at Centrifuge Media for meetings and events. With their high-resolution displays, flexibility, and operational efficiency, LED walls have transformed how visual content is presented and consumed, leading to more engaging, interactive, and effective meetings. As technology continues to evolve, LED walls are likely to play an even more prominent role in the future of AV production.”

virtual events

Suzanne Tudman – 3D Event Designer

“Reflecting on Centrifuge Media’s journey, a pivotal turning point was our transition to virtual events in 2020. As a team, we navigated this shift with adaptability and unity. We developed engaging 3D environments, integrated new software solutions, and successfully hosted online events for clients across the globe. This period highlighted our resilience and collaborative spirit, demonstrating our ability to thrive amidst change. It was a defining moment that strengthened our team bonds and affirmed our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to our clients. Cheers to 19!” 

analog to digital audio technology

SHANE STOKES – Senior Technical Director 

“The transition from analog to digital marked a significant turning point. Auto-mixing and various plug-ins have come a long way over the years, enabling presenters to speak freely without the need for button pressing or cues, which is especially beneficial during Ad-Boards meetings and large-scale sessions. Presenters can now move around freely, reducing concerns about feedback and enhancing the overall experience for both speakers and the audience. Digital technology has simplified the recording of VOGs and announcements, offering more play-on options compared to the days of CD stacks. The distribution of audio to speakers has also improved, becoming a networked, digital format that eliminates the “buzz” you would hear in older analog systems that would pick up noise from power cables.”

Live to Virtual

TANNER HIGHLAND – Senior Project Manager 

“Although it was a difficult period for everyone, transitioning live events to fully virtual meetings during the 2020 pandemic was a huge turning point during my tenure with Centrifuge Media. We were able to quickly pivot our business model to provide our clients the opportunity to continue hosting small and large scale meetings while still benefiting from the high level of production that Centrifuge Media is known for. Even with the transition back to live events many virtual components still exist to allow virtual attendees and presenters to be involved when they are not able to travel to the events.” 

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