Show Don’t Tell: Why Good Presentation Matters

Why do presentations matter? Your speaker points hold a high level of importance at the event!

Why is a lot of text a bad thing?  

Point 1: What did you just say?

If people are reading your slides, they’re not listening to what you have to say  

Point 2: Comprehension (or lack thereof)

You know what people take away from a slide that’s just a wall of text? Nothing!  

Point 3: Speaker Confidence

You don’t need to write out every point you’re making. YOU’RE the subject matter expert, you know what you’re talking about! Show your audience why you’re the one on the stage.  

Benefits of reducing include…

Point 1: Ooh, I get it!

A well-design presentation condenses your points into the most important information and presents it in a way that’s easy to understand 

Point 2: Looks Legit

A well-designed slide increases your audience’s confidence in your points and presents yourself as an expert worth listening to 

Point 3: Get People Excited!

Just look at the success of TED talks – an audience that’s engaged is an audience that will remember you 

So, how do we do this?

Point 1: Hire the professionals!

We said you’re a subject matter expert on your presentation, not PowerPoint itself. We can take it from here and let you focus on your speaking points 

Point 2: If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

Get us involved early and work with our designers to understand your presentations. Just like high school, last-second work gets mediocre grades  

Point 3: Expect the Unexpected

The best speakers respond to their audience and adapt to new information. If you need to change something about your presentation at the last minute we’re there to help!  

This is why you hired us! – You’re trusting us with your production setup, schedule planning, venue setup – aka, your meeting! Don’t forget the most important part of why there’s a meeting in the first place! 

As an expert in this area, I hope you take these important areas into account when planning your next event. If you are seeking support in this stage of your planning process, contact us at

Katie Dorn

Senior Visual Designer

Katie is responsible for the visual side of Centrifuge Media’s production services, from theme design and event branding to custom presentation design. Dorn design work ensures your event makes a strong impression.