Recharge to Retain

With long days full of presentations and learning, attendees often feel mentally and physically exhausted. Presentations tend to run over, breaks are cut short, and people are not at their best to absorb information. Creating a separate space for relaxation and recharging gives people the space to do so and reinforces the idea that their well-being is important to the company. 


While we know how important it is to make sure information is covered and time is utilized, it can be tough for people to be fully present for a full day of learning. Adding in scheduled time for people to take a step back and have time for themselves will allow them to re-charge and be ready for the next session. Ensuring that breaks are consistent and allowing at least 30 minutes for attendees to step away will leave them that time and remind them that their well-being is important. Ensuring these breaks happen will help with the issue of lower attendance rates towards the end of the day, as people will be well-rested and less anxious to leave.  


A great way to ensure that attendees are taking time for themselves is by providing a “wellness room” as a bit of an oasis in their busy day. This way, no one has to run up to their room to take a second to themselves (and potentially not make it back to the meeting). They can step away to a room close by, instead. Soothing music, soft seating, and greenery can make the space inviting and draw people in. Different interactions and activities can also be brought into the space, depending on the goal of the meeting. There is so much potential to put together an inviting space, while also bringing in the feel and goal of the meeting itself.  


Sunlight and fresh air are extremely important for overall focus and well-being. Even so, this is rarely considered when planning out a meeting space. While it is necessary to be inside and have the space for presentations, being in a ballroom and not seeing the sun all day is not conducive to productivity. Holding various activities outside can allow for attendees to get a change of pace and environment. Things like workshops, breakouts, and small-group discussions can be held outside. Having people up and moving to a new environment is a great way to stir up creativity and get people talking. If weather permits, breaks can be scheduled on the patio so that attendees have a reason to venture outdoors. If there is room in the schedule, other activities such as games and meet and greet activities can be held outside.  

Advocating for the well-being of your employees can go a long way. In order to ensure retention and happiness from your attendees, consider providing them with the space and environment to rest, recharge, and catch a breath of fresh air in their busy day.  

After traveling to many meetings and witnessing the joy that a wellness room brought to attendees, I am passionate about this! I hope you consider these ideas when planning your next meeting. If you are seeking support in this stage of your planning process, contact us at 

Casey Carpenter

Senior Event Coordinator

Casey works closely with our account, project, and creative teams to handle all meeting logistics and details. Seeing all sides of the planning process allows her to have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to bring an event to life. From direct planning with clients to drawing room diagrams, to executing everything onsite, Casey is there to support clients’ needs through the whole process!