Clients often ask us how to avoid unforeseen additional fees and manage onsite overtime (OT) assuming it primarily involves assigning tech call/cut times. However, a substantial part of effective management, one that may not always be top of mind, is that this largely occurs during the pre-meeting planning phase. By educating clients on the purpose and importance of a slide review & rehearsal schedule and strategically implementing these plans, we not only avoid additional fees but also emphasize the value we place on transparent communication and meticulous planning in our partnerships. 

Efficient load-in and Load-out can limit fees

The first place that the Centrifuge Media team considers, to avoid additional labor charges, is the room’s access time. Early on in the process, we collaborate with the event managers, client stakeholders, and hotel staff to confirm exact times for loading into the meeting rooms. Ideally, rooms can be accessed early in the morning and a full-day set-up day is provided. Next, we tailor our recommended set designed based on how much time is required for completion vs. what is provided. This helps ensure that crew teams aren’t running into OT before the event begins.

This is not to say that we are not familiar with needing to work under tight timelines or “less-than-ideal” access times. We understand the process for working in/around other in-house groups and as such, we’d build in additional labor on the front end of the estimate. While this would be an increase, it does eliminate the need for unforeseen fees post-event. This allows our clients to budget accordingly from the start.  


A slide review, by definition, should be a pre-scheduled meeting – one-on-one – with the presenter(s) and slide visual designer. This time is set aside, in a quiet, designated conference room with the intention of going slide by slide to discuss flow, data points, graphics and speaking points. This is the time for intricate content changes and meticulous review of slide decks. Our goal for this meeting is to ensure that all slides are final, and that the presenter feels comfortable and confident, in advance of the onstage rehearsal. 


After the slide review occurs, the presenter(s) will then be scheduled for an onstage rehearsal. It is important that this session occurs ONLY after the slides are finalized. This is the time where speakers will run through their presentation as if they were presenting to a live audience. Our full technician team would be present to ensure comfort and familiarity with all presenter preferences and cues. This would include alignment on the following details: Voice of God announcement to stage, preferred walk-on song, familiarity with the slide advancer controls, testing voice levels in the audio system, cuing videos, testing any integrated technology (demos, polls, Q&A) and confirming pacing and accuracy of speaking points.   

It’s important to note that if presenters use their dedicated onstage time for intensive slide updates, instead of a more formalized practice, this will cause all in-room technicians to back up their schedules, ultimately resulting in accrued OT. 


As part of Centrifuge Media’s planning process, our dedicated Account Managers create a formal rehearsal schedule in advance of the team arriving onsite. These schedules reflect and consider many elements such as: Slide Review and General Session room access and setup times, presenter flight schedules, other scheduled meetings and run-throughs, and tech team active working hours. All of these details are carefully monitored daily, to ensure that OT is avoided.   

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However, as with all events, we understand that changes do occur and are comfortable and accommodating of any flexibility needed. Where possible, we’d look to shuffle practice times with other presenters and be mindful of crew breaks. If additional time is needed for a presenter to rehearse, we ensure that the anticipated OT time is communicated directly to the lead stakeholders for their budget updates. 

Again, we value transparency in our pricing up front, and we believe in the power of communicating costs during the whole process. If you have questions about limiting costs during an event our team of experts are always here to talk things through, so you feel like your event is a success and communication is open for the events in the future.  

As an expert in this area, I hope you take these important areas into account when planning your next event. If you are seeking support in this stage of your planning process, contact us at 

Adrienne Bogner

Director of Account Services

Adrienne is responsible for overseeing the Centrifuge Media team of Account Managers and Event Coordinators. Externally, she works with clients to plan and execute large-scale events, providing expertise and oversight for all areas of creative and production. Internally, Adrienne oversees project pipelines, planning team assignments and travel schedules.