Centrifuge Media 2021 Value Award Winners

Congrats to Our 2021 Values Awards Winners

2021 brought new challenges and new opportunities for our team members at Centrifuge Media.  While COVID-19 continued to challenge the way businesses communicated, our team created new pathways to guide our clients through the pandemic.

This dedication to continuous innovation and adaptability is why our company continued to thrive over the past year.  Now we want to highlight some of our people who shined the brightest.

The Centrifuge Media Values Awards recognizes employees who have embodied the company values that Centrifuge Media has built its reputation on over the past 15 years.

Fausto Turro - Teamwork

Teamwork Award

Each of our projects depend on a collaboration of thoughts and energy to complete.  This means extensive collaboration between individuals and departments is required to achieve company success.  This year’s Teamwork Award is given to Fausto Turro, for his continuous learning, humility, and jumping in to create greatness at every opportunity.

“I am extremely grateful to have been chosen for the Teamwork award. Centrifuge promotes an environment of collaboration that greatly benefits both our clients and employees. To me, the award serves as a reminder of our team’s accomplishments.”

Improvment Award - Keegan Girouard

Committment to Improvement Award

Centrifuge Media employees never stop learning inside and outside of work. We seek new experiences and perspectives from a variety of sources and internalize them to create client value.

Keegan Girouard has been a shining light on our team, discovering creative solutions to issues while growing internally.

“To me winning the Commitment to Improvement Award is extremely special. Our team is full of numerous people who are always trying to improve their professional and personal skills. So just to be in the conversation with those folks is an honor. I am extremely grateful for being recognized for this award and I would like to thank the whole team for pushing me to get better each day.”

Change Award - Lauren Dearmore

Embrace and Initiate Change Award

Change.  It is a constant in this line of work.  To thrive as individuals and as a company we must be willing to embrace and even look for ways to change to create the best outcomes for every project.    

Lauren Dearmore has been the beacon for change at Centrifuge Media, guiding not only her team, but the entire company to adapt to the continuously changing events climate over the past two years.   It should be no surprise that her peers selected her for this award.    

“After another year of unprecedented change, I am incredibly honored to have received the Embrace & Initiate Change Award! It’s wonderful to be surrounded by such a talented team, and I’m excited for the many changes and continued growth that will come in 2022.“ 

Creativity Award - Jerry Oliver

Creativity Award

At the heart of our creative team is our video guru.  Each project comes to life through the camera work and editing of Jerry Oliver.  He continues to streamline our workflows, present new ideas on how to approach projects, and exceeds all of our expectations while doing so.

Even Jerry’s response to being recognized by his peers for this award is edited and to the point.  “I’m very grateful to work with creative and talented people.”

Value Award -Adrienne Bogner

Value Award

The overall Value Award is given to the one employee who showcases the overall meaning of being part of the Centrifuge Media family.  No matter the project, the client, the workload, or the concept, one member has been critical to holding the team together and leading them through each day.  Adrienne Bogner is loved by our clients for her personal approach to customer success and genuine kindness.  She cares deeply about each interaction.  And that same attitude shows up each day to share with each of the team members at Centrifuge Media.  That is why she is the 2021 Value Award Winner.

“I’m extremely honored and humbled to have been selected for this year’s overall Values Award. Everyone at CMI puts heart and soul into the work they do, so it is very rewarding and special to be recognized by my peers. I love what I do and who I do it with! “