Congrats to Our 2020 Values Awards Winners

Unprecedented challenges caused by COVID-19 threw a major wrench into the meetings and events industry throughout most of 2020, disrupting the work we’re so passionate about here at Centrifuge Media.

But let’s be clear – we didn’t let the pandemic stop us. We adapted. We pivoted.

The Centrifuge team sought new solutions to continue on our path of success – and the grace, dignity and perseverance our employees exemplified prompted the Centrifuge leadership to do something new, too.

We call them the Values Awards, publicly recognizing the employees who have embodied the company values that Centrifuge Media has built its reputation on over the past 15 years.


Kecia Taylor

Senior Account Manager

A ‘go-to on investigating and helping to integrate new platforms, technology, and being able to convey that value to clients’ is how one manager described Taylor. “The effort and adaptation paid off by locking a new client into several events and finishing the year by winning a bid for a high-profile meeting.”

Taylor said she was honored to receive the award, adding, “It is such an amazing feeling to find a company that truly values you as a person and wants to see you grow and succeed. I am so proud of how far I have come from my first days here at Centrifuge and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me here.”

Teamwork Award

Fausto Turro

Project Manager

Turro is lauded by his managers as talented, humble, positive and friendly. “He never missed an opportunity to learn or improve, no job was too big or too small, and he was instrumental in developing our AV systems on the fly for virtual events.”

On receiving this honor Turro said, “I am very lucky to be part of a team that has put so much of their time, energy, and focus into creating the very best for our clients. The collective drive to excel allows us to have some fun along the way as well.”

Creativity Award

Brandon Goldthwaite

Senior Technical Director

“Tricaster extraordinaire, video editor, virtual visualist,” were among the praise used to describe Goldthwaite. One manager summed up Goldthwaite’s talents by saying, “It’s no longer what we could do, it is now what we can and have done.”

Brandon humbly accepted the award saying, “On behalf of those that have been in this business longer than some of you are old, I thank you for this award and the opportunity to always learn something new and exciting with this crew. YOU ALL are a part of what makes this award special. Anywhere else, I’d be doing the same thing over and over again.”

Commitment to Imrpovement Award

Jessie Burton

Account Manager

“It would have been very easy to be stagnant this year and wait around for instructions on what to do. Jessie sought every opportunity to push through those challenges and improve herself,” one manager said of Burton. Another added that she has embodied how to be committed to a goal and not stopping until its achieved.

“It felt amazing reaching my 2020 goals especially when there were unexpected challenges thrown into the mix, but it’s a special kind of feeling to also be recognized for that commitment & hard work put in to reach those goals. It shows hard work does not go unnoticed here at Centrifuge Media and I thank you all for this opportunity!” Burton said.

The Value Award

Lauren Dearmore

Production Manager

Two managers noted that no matter what she’s juggling at any given time, Dearmore does it with a smile on her face and a positive attitude.

“[She] has been at the center of the much-improved workflow between departments for the past year-plus. We are a much stronger overall team due to her attitude, organization, and the respect that everyone clearly has for her company wide,” a manager said.

Lauren was ecstatic to receive this award but ultimately praised her coworkers as she did it, saying “What an honor! I couldn’t have done it without the support and creativity of our amazing team!”

The Pivot Award

A Pivot Award is designed to acknowledge and celebrate individuals or teams within the organization who have successfully navigated and adapted to significant changes, challenges, or shifts in strategy. This recognition encompasses the ability to pivot effectively, demonstrating agility, resilience, and innovative thinking in response to evolving circumstances.

Matt Reyes

Finance and Profitability Manager

Reyes has long been applauded for his chameleon-like ability around the office, jumping in and helping out in areas that are not finance. That was even more apparent as we pivoted to everything virtual.

“Matt is always willing to do what is best for the company,” a manager said.

“Winning the ‘Pivot Award’ is a great honor, especially in a year where adaptation and adjustment were so crucial.  I appreciate the opportunity to contribute in a variety of ways & am grateful to work here with so many others that share that mindset,” Reyes said.