Boosting Engagement with Virtual Spaces

Even before the novel coronavirus changed in-person events forever, CMI leveraged virtual reality to present patient experiences in a personal way. Using Oculus headsets, attendees entered the patients’ world. Eventgoers might hear a story about a patient’s diagnosis while exploring their art studio, or watch a college student talk about their struggles in higher education while virtually sitting in their dorm room, or experience a day in the life of an epilepsy patient through a first person, 360˚ video. We’ve built traditional hotel lobbies reminding attendees of events past, exhibit halls, art galleries, kitchens, classrooms, key-note stages, and even non-traditional spaces that would be impossible in real life.

With this previous experience, Centrifuge stood prepared to integrate virtual reality into remote events. Now our virtual spaces go even further. Web-hosted 3D environments are accessible around the globe, providing an interactive experience for remote attendees to learn and explore. Reinforce key messages, present content heavy information, get feedback by integrating surveys, and elevate your remote training with an engaging, custom, 3D space!

We create these virtual environments from the ground up, so every aspect of the space is customizable. Our spaces can be decorated with content or branded materials. Our 3D and graphics creators can integrate videos, images, audio, static slide decks, downloadable content, and e-learning, as well as buttons to link to hosted pdfs, contact a presenter, and submit surveys. These virtual spaces can also add a fun gaming element to your meeting when partnered with a scavenger hunt app! We can also provide security features and insight into how to best protect any proprietary information inside your virtual space. The possibilities can be overwhelming, but with our expertise, we work with you to build an interactive 3D experience that fits all your needs.

Recently our 3D designer created a beautiful, industrial-inspired hotel lobby and exhibit hall with 20 custom booths for presenting drug-specific information, internal company initiatives, sales recognition, and special event activities. In order to brand the space, two of our graphic designers planned and produced backdrops for each booth, holding screens, virtual standing and door banners, an expandable agenda, and decorative content canvases for the welcome area. As our accounts and creative teams worked together to coach the client on optimizing content for the tour, the creative team supplemented client content with well-produced, remote recorded videos. Finally, I created custom buttons and icons to go throughout the space and added all the functional interactivity before publishing the tour online.

Virtual Engagement

In this environment, users first explore the hotel lobby to get acquainted with navigating the 3D environment. Attendees then click on the exhibit hall doors to enter the main hall which houses the majority of interactive content. Themed backdrops and monitors spread across the brick and wood exhibit hall and users can visit each booth for a close-up look at its content. A branded information desk in the middle of the 360˚ hall provides an instructional video and transcript. A menu bar at the top of the window gives users another ways to navigate the space, a booth guide, and quick access to the help desk if needed.

Check out a couple examples of our previous tours here or on our main website’s landing page! Whether you want to connect your reps with patient stories, integrate creative, remote training, or publish new company or drug-specific materials, see what our 3D spaces can help you accomplish today!

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Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith