5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in an Event Marketing Strategy

Meetings, events, and creating a memorable experience are crucial investments in your team. Yet, overlooking a marketing strategy specific to the event is a significant missed opportunity and you are missing a massive piece of the planning pie. So, I will state the obvious very boldly below. 


Planting marketing seeds well before the event to build anticipation is crucial to have the experience in your audience’s minds well before they arrive.  


Communicating “The Why” early to your guests creates clear messaging and allows the attendees to connect to the theme and purpose of the event. 


Sharing the itinerary ahead of the event empowers attendees to personalize their time away from home and sets expectations, allowing them to plan and utilize their free time effectively. 


Communicating to your guests about the balance between workshops, presentations, learning, and relaxation time sets a positive expectation for their upcoming trip and ignites a positive culture. Introducing this balance will also encourage colleagues to plan together and therefore build strong connections between them.  


When flying your employees to an interesting city far from home and marketing the location as a perk, it is crucial to emphasize the enjoyable moments they can anticipate. Educate your attendees about the location, the venue, and professional benefits during the event. Highlight the potential takeaways they will gain from the experience together with colleagues and your team may naturally become word of mouth marketers for the event.

These points may seem obvious, yet with creative approaches and more time dedicated to addressing them, the potential to enhance attendee success is vast! 

As an expert in this area, I hope you take these important areas into account when planning your next event. If you are seeking support in this stage of your planning process, contact us at hello@centrifugemedia.com 

Kristen Wolfe

Communications Strategist

Kristen develops and executes internal marketing plans, ensuring the Centrifuge Media brand identity is consistent with digital and tangible marketing materials. Additionally, she provides event photography services to our clients to capture a visual story of the experience.