We Do A Lot

From videography and complete event themes to the development of new meeting technologies aimed to help boost audience engagement — we will completely surround your event. In fact, we approach every project with the mindset of “yes, we can do that.” Then we get it done.

Audiovisual Equipment

We maintain an extensive warehouse of the latest audio, video, computer and projection technology available, and travel with all the essentials to events all over the world.

Technical Direction

We’re your timekeepers, slideshow operators and speaker coaches. Our technical directors, stage managers and producers are basically a bunch of perfectionists.

Speaker Coaching

A well-prepared speaker can mean the difference between a good presentation and a memorable one. Our producers have worked with just about every type of presenter out there —from seasoned to inexperienced — and we have what it takes to help them relax, and shine.

Room Diagrams

We will render digital 3D room models to help with advance planning and create a blueprint for success on the day of the event. We don’t believe in surprises.

Custom Stage Sets

Rather than rely on off-the-shelf solutions, our clients often call on us to collaborate with them to create stage designs that not only will fit their budgets, but also create the most impact.

International Expertise

When your meeting or event goes international, so do we. You can count on us to deliver the same top-notch technical and creative consistency, anywhere.

Theme and Logo Design

We can create customized and original graphic and creative themes that tie an event together and adhere to your brand guidelines.

Posters and Signage

We use signage in multiple ways: to dress up an event location and bring a room to life, and also to offer directions and/or instruction to attendees.

Binders and Notebooks

We will meticulously proof and bind your event materials and showcase them in helpful event binders and program booklets.

Slide and Presentation Graphics

Our on-screen presentations are always distinct and memorable, seamlessly incorporating color schemes, slide animation, sound effects and video.

Videography and Animation

From video cutaways, openings and closings, to animated speaker intros, we can use these tools to help you create and deliver a more impactful message.

Mediosync Recording

A comprehensive solution for capturing, broadcasting and archiving live events.


An attendee activity tracking, data capture solution, using RFID technology embedded in badges.

Audience Response System

The interactive technology to capture and instantly evaluate real-time responses from an audience.

Simultaneous Interpretation

We offer skilled interpreters that can translate your live presentation into any language or dialect.

Digital Security

We keep sensitive data safe through HIPPA-compliant file transfers, password-protected computers, and complete data removal post event.