We Are Centrifuge Media

We are 30 strong and growing. We are New York Giant fans, Celtics fans, Orioles fans, and Carolina BBQ fans. We work hard and we love what we do. And when the meetings are done, you’ll find us on the golf course, in a book, with our families, or on our favorite beaches. But not for long, because our relentless desire to keep pushing ourselves as well as our clients, is something that never gets switched off.

Meet the individual Centrifuge Medians who make it happen

I sang in Carnegie Hall – twice.

Adrienne Bogner Senior Account Manager
Seth Masterson Senior Project Manager
Brian Rivers President
Matt Reyes Finance & Program Profitability Manager
Will Sanders Operations & Logistics Manager
Melanie Gerard Controller
Jack McDonald Director of Corporate Strategy
Praise (Wortham) Collins Associate Director, Event Services

I’ve been to over 300 concerts.

Suzanne Tudman 3D Event Designer
Chris Dahnke Director of Event Services
Nick Caywood Senior Event Coordinator
Sean Guy Marketing Specialist

I competed in horse shows for ten years.

Stephanie Litman Senior Event Coordinator
Chris Spohr Agency Director
Raven Currin Accounts Payable Coordinator
Shane Stokes Senior Technical Director
Krysta Lazarides Account Manager
Brandon Goldthwaite Senior Technical Director
Matt Stallings Senior Project Manager
Alexandria Clayton Production Manager
Morris Young Art Director

I was the prom king in high school.

Jennifer Ashbaugh Account Manager
Jessica Tomlinson Senior Event Coordinator
Amy Schaller Office Manager
Dana McKisson Assistant Warehouse Manager
Jermaine Robinson Sr. Project Manager
Tim McDermott Project Manager
Monica Skibba Senior Event Coordinator