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As a full service production agency, we love finding ways to spice up your event experience! We have always been known for top notch AV, design, and print work, but we are doing a lot more than just projectors, mics, and motherboards these days*. Motion graphics as your attendees walk into general session make the room much more impressive. A closing video at the end of a sales meeting ties together the messages for the week and builds team unity. Advanced archiving documents important presentations and makes it easy to integrate new investigators into an active study or help them catch up if they can’t make it to a meeting. Check out this demo reel, and ask us how we can collaborate to take your event to the next level!

*we definitely still do all of that too, and always will!


Like we mentioned last month, we will be moving into a new and improved building next year. The good folks over at Bobbitt Design Build have made a lot of progress since then (despite the constant rain), so we thought we would share another video to show everybody how it is coming along. The foundation is there and hopefully soon we will be able to show you some vertical progress on the actual building.


New Building 2 from Centrifuge Media on Vimeo.


The whole Centrifuge Media team recently piled in a couple large vans and headed over to Team Quest in Greensboro for a day of team building activities. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other, and worked on communication, teamwork, and trust. The day culminated in a pretty crazy team challenge in which one person had to climb a thirty foot pole, turn around on a tiny spinning disk at the top, and then jump – trusting their coworkers to hold the ropes and keep them from hitting the ground. We are pleased to say that everybody made it back safely, and hopefully we all know and understand each other a little better.


Team Building from Centrifuge Media on Vimeo.



As you may have heard, we will be moving to our new and improved home in 2015. We thought it would be cool to install some cameras out at the construction site so we could keep everyone posted on the progress. Despite the seemingly daily rain this summer, our friends at Bobbitt Design Build have gotten off to a great start. We are very excited about the way things are going so far and can’t wait to keep the momentum going as we head into fall.

Check out the footage: