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5 Essential Things for a better presentation

We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of presentations here and around the world. Here’s some essential things to remember when it’s time to give yours:

1. Make it Short. The more information you present, the more information they can potentially forget. Boil it down to your essential message and stick to it.

2. Make it Visually Impactful. Custom graphics can punctuate your ideas and make an impact. Break up data-heavy slides with purposeful and eye-catching graphics.

3. Know it Front to Back. Not having to read your own slides will increase audience confidence in what you’re saying. Make eye contact with the audience as much as possible.

4. Encourage Participation. Asking people questions gets conversations started and can give you time to breathe.

5. Relax and Enjoy It. The audience knows if you’re having a good time or not. When you’re having fun, they’re having fun.

What tips do you have for giving presentations?