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Centrifuge Media is coming up on a big milestone in 2015, our 10 year anniversary. Many other milestones are piling up along the way, and Director of Creative Services Mark Casey just became the first CMI team member to hit six continents with a meeting in South Africa! As a company, we hit the big six back in 2012 and we have learned a ton about navigating foreign airports, customs procedures, the importance of hiring a broker to get across the border in Argentina, jet lag, working with vendors in other countries, and being careful what we eat. We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards all over the world, on any inhabitable continent, and nobody embodies that pride more than the guy who has touched them all. We thought it would be cool to sit down with Mark and reflect on the highs and lows of seeing the world.


CMI: Hi Mark, congrats on a pretty cool accomplishment! Very few people can say they have been to six of the seven continents. Do you have a favorite?

MC: Nothing beats North America. It’s got everything.

CMI: How about a favorite single trip?

MC: Extending a day or 2 in Paris should be mandatory for any international traveler. I was lucky enough to enjoy them with my wife.

CMI: Which one have you been to the most times?

MC: Europe. I think it’s a tie between Spain and Germany.


CMI: Anywhere you are still itching to see?

MC: Much of America still remains unexplored for me. I’ve never seen the Pacific Northwest. There’s something very intriguing about the natural ruggedness, doughnut culture and craft-beer scene.

 CMI: What are some of the keys to pulling off successful events in other countries?

MC: Every culture approaches work differently. Knowing that difference is key. Every country also has something they are very proud of. Know what that is and learn something about it before you go. Make an effort to know enough of the language to get around. “Taxi” is a global term. As is “pizza”. Know your voltage. Bring adapters.

CMI: Which do you think is more likely to happen first: a meeting on Antarctica or a meeting on the moon?

MC: I’ve got my sights set on stepping foot on every continent before I go interplanetary. Antarctica is going to happen. Even if it’s for a 15 minute creative services meeting.