We Are Blogging

Project Coordinator Leann Madtes recently paid a visit to four classes of second graders at Fuller Elementary School in Wake County, NC to teach them about audio concepts and equipment. The students learned about the science behind sound waves, and how they travel through wireless microphone transmitters and receivers, XLR cables, mixers, and speakers. They also trained on the process of setting up all of that equipment and making it work together.

It was a very interactive session; the students and faculty were both inquisitive and eager to learn. Leann said, “The principal asked how far away someone should hold a handheld microphone and this gave me a perfect opportunity to explain about gain. I let the students plug in the different cables and wear the microphones. We also used my app to create frequencies to see which students had the best hearing. I was very impressed with their knowledge of sound waves!”

Maybe you will see some of these kids running audio for Centrifuge at one of your meetings in twenty years!