We Are Blogging

Each month, one Centrifuge Media team member selects one of their coworkers as the Employee of the Month. There is no set criteria, just someone they feel has gone above and beyond their required duties. The Employee of the Month gets the “Rock Star” parking space closest to the front door for the month. Help us say congratulations to our August EOM, Project Coordinator Leann Madtes! Here is what her coworker had to say: “August is traditionally one of our quietest months, but we all know that it is the calm before the storm. Although this could be said for many, my selection is someone who has been doing as much as possible to prepare for the chaos ahead. She’s heavily involved in planning, traveling, training, consistently pulling & packing shows, testing, and getting things inventoried as quickly as possible to make them available to send out on the road. She brings order and balance to the madness.”

Thank you Leann for all you do at Centrifuge!